Franchise Business

Franchise Business

Fresh and Easy is the fastest growing chain of Grocery , Bakery , Food , Electronics & Home Appliance market in India providing our customers lovers an interesting mix of traditional, modern and fusion retail shopping blends. Priced affordably,

Fresh and Easy franchise program is unique as it goes beyond the prevalent notions of franchising. What we look is not a franchisee but a partner. And our relationship with our partner would be that of equals. We realize that in the growth of partner lies our own grown. With this is mind, we would Endeavour to provide as much as assistance as possible to our partners in establishing, running and maintaining his/her business. In Short, we intent to enter into a symbolic relationship with the individuals who can adopt our philosophy and replicate our business.

Fresh and Easy offers you the opportunity to won a successful franchise. Using our proven formula for the establishment and day-to-day operation of retail store, and participating in our proven marketing programs will reward your hard work and dedication. Fresh and Easy offers you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Our role is providing you entire set up, show you how to do it, and then provide ongoing support to ensure that the business works efficiently.

Establishment of Fresh and Easy Franchise:-

The Establishment of your Fresh and Easy begins with the selection of location.

•  We help you by providing best location the minimum rental.

•  We plan the layout of store including signage, fixtures & fittings, grocery rack, freeze, A.C, POS Machine, staff dress, and the stock.

•  Every item is carefully selected to minimize set-up costs yet offer clients the highest standard of presentation.

•  We help you by providing advertisement and marketing store to boost up the sales of retail stores.


Online shopping - Great Brands, Great Value

Apart from 50+ mega showrooms in india, Fresh and Easy Digital now boasts of a strong presence in the virtual world too. Its and mobile application available on Google Play Store facilitates safe & convenient online shopping for the customers.

There are many wonderful things that you can do on this website - Get acquainted with the vast number of brands available for each product. Get in-depth information about them & select the product of your choice. There are special schemes and offers for the customers. The buying process too is very easy & convenient. Every purchase comes with an assurance of timely delivery, anywhere in India. The happiness does not fade away even after the purchase. The prompt after-sales service keeps the product and your smile intact - year after year.

One could easily locate Fresh and Easy stores in all the major localities, residential areas, high streets, offices, and metro stations. To ensure unmatched shopping experience and availability of every daily need item under one roof, we have partnered with the leading brands in Electronics segment.



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